Processing and Protecting Personal Data

(section H. of Terms & conditions)

H. Processing and Protecting Personal Data
1. The website’s owner has no responsability in any transaction between the Visitor and any Artist or creator that his/her artwork is displayed in this website. Furthermore the website’s owner has no responsability if the Visitor creates a user profile, that is a “Visitor’s profile”.
2.The Visitor undertakes the obligation to declare to the website’s owner a valid email and postal address, while recognizes that every false statement constitutes an illegal act, without prejudice of the website’s owner to request compensation from the Visitor for every incidental damage the website’s owner suffers due to this wrongful act.
3. The Visitor is the sole responsible for safeguarding the password for accessing the user profile he/she will create. The process is automated and the User recognizes that the website’s owner cannot intervene in the process of identification for entering the website, nor is able to know the password – user code that the User has selected.
4. The Website’s owner possesses the personal data that the Visitors enters in the Visitor’s Profile (First Name, Last Name, Home Address – Delivery Address – email) and, as a result, is responsible for their process according to L. 2472/1997. Every use or process by the Website’s owner of such data and all other data concerning the Visitors and their digital footprint in the webshop, is done solely according to the provisions of L. 2472/1997 and L. 3471/2006, as amended and in force today.
5. The Visitor has the only and total control over such data and can amend it or delete it from his/her account without the website’s owner consent or agreement.
6.If the Visitor wishes that all the data concerning him/her to be deleted by the website, he/she may contact the website’s owner via email and exercise his/her right of oblivion regarding the digital footprint of his/her account and the data produced with his/her registration and interaction with the website that are stored in the Website’s servers. The Website’s owner will delete all data and cancel the visitor’s account within 7 days. The Visitor reserves the right to register again by creating a new account.
7. In order to exercise the aforementioned right and in order to express objections regarding the processing of personal data of the Visitor according to article 13 L. 2472/1997, the latter may contact the website’s owner and the persons duly authorized for this, by email at under the subject «Objections of Article 13 Ν. 2472/1997»
8.Concerning the website’s owner communication with the Visitor in order to inform them about the Artwroks that the website’s owner provides via the website, by implementation of article 11, L. 3671/2006 as amended by article 172 of L. 4070/2012, and in conjunction with the Directive 2/2011 of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, the website’s owner reserves the right to send at the email address of the Visitor, informative and advertising newsletters, since it is agreed that the ability of opt-out / unsubscribe is provided to each Visitor in a clear and explicit way, easy and at no charge, as well as in every relevant message, in the case that the Visitor did not initially objected to this use from his/her account settings.
9.The Visitor agrees and accepts that the Website’s owner may collect statistical data regarding which Artworks the Visitor browses more frequently and how many times does the Visitor visits the website or shares the Artworks hyperlinks in the social media.
10.The Visitor accepts and recognizes that the website, in order to achieve full functionality of the account – profile of the visitor, in general for the website operation and due to the lack of other medium milder or of different technology, stores temporarily in the cache memory that interacts with the browsing – navigation software, cookies that store anonymously data that concern the navigation – browsing of the website or the operation of the website’s software and interact with the software at each visit of the Visitor.
These files are:
Origin – provider Cookie name Utilization time ga 2 years from set/update snp_snppopup-welcome Session viewed_cookie_policy 1 year from set/update woocommerce_recently_viewed Session wordpress_test_cookie Session
11.The Visitor accepts the installation of these files on the storage space of the device – computer that he/she uses for browsing in the Website.
12.The Visitor knows or is obliged to know, in case he wishes to restrict the storage of such files in his / her system, the way to achieve the desired result – level of protection, depending on the browsing – navigating software he /she uses and its settings. In this case, the Visitor acknowledges and accepts that due to the implementation of this restriction, it is possible that the Visitor will not be able to browsethe website, until the lift of the ban of storing “cookies”.

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