modern desk lamp industrial style

This product is a metal desk lamp

Materials used: Metal car valves

Painted with transparent varnish for rust protection

Height with lamp support: 30 cm

Lamp included

Shade not included

169.00 inc. VAT

Best modern desk lamp industrial style

This product is a modern desk lamp industrial style

What is industrial style lighting?

Industrial lighting is a design trend that celebrates the simple and sturdy aesthetic of old factories and industrial spaces. Lighting within these industrial spaces was built using strong, unfinished, and long-lasting materials.

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Industrial lamps – a modern reflection of the factory appearance

Many artists set up their workshops in empty factories in the early 20th century. Τhat was the beginning of a trend in interior design that is very in trend today. But when these buildings were later converted into studio apartments or lofts, their minimal and functional style found its way into the world of modern life. Hard materials are characteristic of this interior style. Industrial lamps are made of various metals and materials such old industrial parts, plumbing piping, refurbished tools.

Wood and concrete are also often used. In terms of color, pure neutrals prevail, combined with rich color touches. For example, black, gray, brown, and white are combined with bright red and glossy yellow. Industrial light bulbs represent something original, unconventional. They deliberately exude a certain factory atmosphere and look a bit harsh and harsh. Industrial design lights fit perfectly with bare walls or open pipes in the house, but also retain their elegant look when added to a modern interior. They give light to different rooms of the house and always add a personal touch to your furniture.


About the artist

Giannis Dendrinos is a Greek sculptor living in Athens, Greece. Born in Congo, his art was much influenced by primitive and industrial style. As people in Africa have a tendency in building objects by using old, scrap materials, Giannis has been watching this behavior since a young age. Having grown up in his father’s metal workshop, he has been acquainted with industrial tools and materials as well. The combination of the primitive environment in Africa and the industrial workshop, forged his style in sculpture.

As Giannis holds an interest and passion for light, he has created a series of sculpture lights that combine modern and classic style, old materials with modern design, minimal and luxury of materials. He loves to use materials such as gears, valves, gears, plumbing piping and old tools and machinery. A modern desk lamp industrial style is a desk lamp that combine a minimal decorative style with industrial elements of remind other times.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 30 cm