Some before pictures.  here you can see all the stuff I had moved from the area under the stamp shelves..lots o crap~

piles..and piles every where..

a little bit better

you can see the new stamp shelf I built in the background, with the new hot pink paint

some pics of paint in progress

my first cabinet put together.  I can not tell you how many trips up the stairs I had to make to get these cabinet parts up stairs.  The boxes where too heavy to carry i had to take parts out.  I bet I made at least 3 trips per cabinet x 6

pink paint complete and  new stamps shelf and stamps all put away!

Cabinets finished and ready for the counter tops

The grand tour begins:  my front room/foyer as you walk in the front door.  The stairs in the background lead up to my studio

artwork on the stairs leading to my studio

glancing back from my office

fatbooks on plate shelves

close up of some of my pieces

my ATC wall in my office

My Office

view from office

my work area


okay so it isn't all sewing area still needs some work

area looking to the right

next project...the work room that is through the french doors..YIKES it is bad too

all organized.  The drawers hold all of my embellishments


inside of the armoire.  I built the shelves to hold all ofmy patterned papers