our first guest to arrive:

Al from Canton MI

Andrew and Jesse from Toronto, Ontario

Art with George from Cleveland, Ohio

Charlotte, George's wife enjoying her cocktail

Chris from Toronto, Ontario and Ryan from Naperville, IL

Dennis From Toronto, Ontario

in the background: Don Kellogg's back, Ian from Brighton, MI and Chris from London, UK

George and Mike from MD (I think..hhmm)

Itai, Craig and Mark Hafflich (from Brookeville, MD)

Ian and Chris ..Chris came all the way over from London, UK

One of our winners: James from Suwanee, Georgia

James and Dennis

another winner: Kevin from Inkster, MI

right behind him on left is Ken Whitcomb ..Thank you to Ken, we have the most incredible picture on screen, I have ever seen...sorry Ken ..the girls didn't get a better picture of you!

Left: Mark Seaton installed our new front channel speakers in time for our meet, seated with him Don Kellogg, Joe Garcia and one of our sponsors...Ron Stimpson, Ron's company provided and installed our subwoofers the previous year...awesome sound they have....booom booom booom

One of my favorite couples...we see each other frequently at the meets: Mark and Jean...Jean thank you for the yummy muffins ..they made a great breakfast ..although, I only got one!

another favorite...Mel.  Mel is helping with tomato cutting duty.  Itai is her husband ..they are another couple that we have grown to love and have the pleasure of seeing often at the meets

another winner Mike from Demotte, IN

to his left Ryan and Gabe

and yet another favorite couple... Mona and her husband William from Wilmington, IL

Mona and I have discovered a common interest: art!!!

a new favorite theater meet wife: Shelly with Mona ..Shelly is originally from Russia

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