Explosion Box Albums

supplies needed:

 3-4+ sheets of 12x12 scrap booking papers

glue stick

4" drink coasters or other chipboard like material cut as indicated below

photos, stickers, words and other desired embellishments

first step: place 5 drink coasters/squares that have been cut to 3 1/2"squares as shown onto the back of desired paper for box body, Leave about 1/8 of an inch in between the coasters for bending. Glue to paper leaving a 1/4-1/2" margin around edges to turn under in next step.
Trim away excess paper as shown to around 1/4-1/2" all the way around for turning unde4r, snip inside corners to center square.  Turn the paper under and glue, folding in corners at the diagonal first.  You will need to use clips or clothespins until glue dries. this only takes 15 minutes or so, enough that they won't come undone during next step.
shown with clips...lots of them
Next step:

Place the covered parts on top of another sheet of coordinating paper. Trace around with pencil then cut out inside of the lines so it is slightly smaller than the box.  Glue and smooth with a bone folder and also crease inside the fold lines for ease of folding.

the lid:

cut a coaster so it is 3 3/4" square. Then cut two sides of a second one so it is 3 3/4 wide ..then cut into 4 1" slices for the sides of the lid.  Place and glue on paper as show. you will have the rounded edges place those so they are against the center square, Now fold the paper in the creases and along all 4 of the edges, trim the outside edge so it will cover the inside after it has been folded in

fold each of the four corners of the paper, in on the diagonal as shown
trim away the excess of the corners
Fold and glue the paper to two opposite sides to the coaster material only as shwon..leave the corners free for folding: see next photo...
now fold up one side and one end and as you fold it up...let the diagonal fold go to the inside...as seen in picture
fold the outer portion flat...
repeat on opposite corner...this forms the flap that you will now fold over and in and glue to the side...for a nice finished inside...repeat for other end
this is what it looks like after both ends are folded and glued
now cut and glue a piece of paper that is 3 3/4"square to the inside...
finished lid

finished box and lid

last step...cut a piece of paper approx. 7x3 1/4" fold over not quite in half leaving about 1/2" free on one end...fold that in the opposite direction, glue to the edge of the center square for the pages ...repeat for the remaining 3 sides ..then glue a square cut 3 1/2" on top to hide the edges....Now the fun part: decorate as desired.  I also included a cut out of my sons that I glued to the center of the square.

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