Doctor Eugene's

Laboratory and Travel Adventures


Mad scientist at large meets with tragic accident Surprised smiley emoticon

He lost an eye and one set of whiskers in the explosion, but managed to scrounge up a few replacements in his lab


Dr Eugene Finkerton's science sombrero courtesy of an old juicer and tea strainer

Players will sign-in by adding a found object to his hat



(Left) Lots of science fragments and texture on Dr Eugene's journal cover

(Right) The experiment that led to Dr Eugene's accident and the demise of his former lab assistant



Dr Eugene's former lab partner

Currently seeking replacement assistant preferably flame retardant


Journal page about Dr Eugene's construction

Dr Eugenes first field stop..Connie's in Hawaii! he is fitted with new glasses and then during his rampage through her home with some wild experiments gone awry Dr. Eugene ingests a new concoction and unfortunately transforms himself into:

Mr. Cad


Mr. Cad may strike at any time!!


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