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Sunday, January 21 2007

the after math....I survived the sweet 16 party for my baby girl she is 16! that is so scary... where do the years go~

I made the most hilarious was a 4 tiered sucker ..took two whole days to make and was pathetic in a cute way..rofl~

the last art i did and forgot to stick on here is my art doll inspired by Katie Kendricks dolls...well she is a fun little thing ..affectionately named by one of my friends hubby...Monarch Mary

The faces I painted were very sweet...too sweet ..but i thought since i printed them onto the fabric to not waste them ..and she is the first of a few i will make. The next one is for Salina's new room we are going to decorate.. well the room isn't new...but the decor will be..

Monarch Mary sort of reminds me of Carol Burnett..ROFL!




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  Weds, January 17th...oh..2007

crabby patty day for me...ugh!..aunt flo came and i just feel bleh! gym this morning ..decided to give myself a day off. I am frustrated with it any way..i work out and work out and no pounds going for today I am pouting...

well the creativity bug is bugging me and i just have to make something.   A couple of months ago i bought this darling angel doll from Katie Kendrick and ever since, just really want to play with these dolls.  this morning Karen BP (see altered dreams) in the left column had shown her practice drawings..and after drooling over DJ's drawings for months..i decided to take the plunge and just practice even for a tiny here are my drawings from this morning's 20-30minute session (didn't actually look at a clock he he eh)


  Monday January 15th, 2007

the preparations for CHA continue ..i am dropping from swaps like a nut case just being so busy.  With trying to work out and to make samples from my papers (trying to ensure I don't go off the paper designing!) it is just getting busier and busier ..Also taking care of the crew around here gets crazy some days too...turner is not learning to read and needs to practice every day...then the other boys get jealous ..sigh! what a juggling act some times ..oh it is fun though and I wouldn't trade it for anything

last night I decided to play with designs from my new line ..even though they aren't in my hands yet I sued the images to create a new pair of jeans...that was fun ..and later I will have to make a second pair so I can create a tutorial...ooh shhh!!! maybe I can use my summer papers (not coming out until spring..)...sshhhhhh!!  those would be fun images to play with.  Oh I just realized ..I should go find a pair of yellow flats to go with my jeans...the yellow shirt is the perfect color to go with them! and worse case I think I have yellow flip flops ..he he and my flip flops ..LOL!




Sunday January 14, 2007

Today I am beginning my new blog ...on my website, just to be able to keep things simple and keep things in one place

The most exciting thing right now is that I am getting ready to go to CHA at the end of the month with Dream Street Papers ..wooo hooo~ I am so excited~  and nervous... to have to represent myself and my papers is a scary prospect~  I have been working on some altered samples for the booth to show what can be done with my papers.  I have created a couple of things with my Carrinna Rose papers so far..


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