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July 31, 2007.....

I decided to move my people can leave comments..

i actually got most of my friends links up too...yay!! check it out here

thanks for looking~

April 17th, 2007

oh my another month went by without an update ..bad girl me

well I got my studio done. At least the parts I wanted to get looks pretty cool...The cleaning and organizing and putting in the cabinets and stuff took me two weeks ..but I love it~


I am posting new art work too in my gallery



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  Tuesday March 20th,2007

Gees am I bad or what... a month or more since I updated.  Okay am going to try to be better.  Let's see what is new...

Yesterday I painted my walls by my rubberstamp shelves bright pink!  I just love it.  Too bad most of it is going to get covered up with stuff.  I also painted the door to the bathroom finally..after 5 years.  today i want to project an image onto it to paint that.  I have sooooo much organizing to do ..yikes~ But when I asked my muse what she wanted to do yesterday ..she said paint and organize!  I do love to have it organized and once it is done i will be able to think more clearly~

I took some before pics..or actually during pics. Once I get it back together i will post.  I am too embarrassed to show what it looks like currently~ ..oh well

let's see some art... I made a tote bag for a swap that I am in and also got another one started for me ..I think i could get hooked on making these.  Lots of fun and relatively quick.  Although wouldn't know what to do with them ..sell them?..hhhmm nah!